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Mardi 25 Septembre 2018


National seminar on protection of children from sexual offences



Samedi 17 Février 2018 - Dimanche 18 Février 2018


The seminar aims to create awareness towards the child safety and laws relating to the sexual abuse and heinous acts done towards the children. The role of the different stakeholders in the society has to be understood by each one of us whether we can be a parent, a school teacher, a friend, a doctor or a person who is having the responsibility to maintain the law and order. The seminar will try to bring out the original thoughts from each one of us, about what we think, how do we take care if we get any sort of information relating to abuse to anyone. It will help us develop the understanding from within us that what measures are more important and how should one tackle this grave societal stigma. It is the time that we bring out the exact reasons for #MeToo and pen down the real problems and the relative solutions of the same. It is the platform where we have to understand that whether the recent news of abuse to a child actress was just a publicity stunt or whether it was an important thing to report and whether the airlines took the correct step in identifying the man, or it was their fault to do so.

The seminar will also try to bring out the roles and responsibilities of the Doctors when they know about the incident, what role a psychiatrist plays when an abused child is referred to him. And at last, we will try to analyze whether the laws are sufficient or we need to come up with more stringent laws. How we as a law student or as a law professional can help in fighting this monster. How an NGO can be effective in taking the issue to the relevant level and how can we fight for this social stigma.




Bengal Law College, Santiniketan (Universités)


Abus, Agression, Justice, Juvénile, Protection, Sexuel


Bengal Law College, BLC Campus, Santiniketan – Sriniketan Bypass, Bolpur, P.O. – Doranda, Birbhum – 731236, West Bengal, India, Santiniketan
West Bengal, Inde

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