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Vendredi 13 Décembre 2019

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Innovative Wege zur nachhaltigen Reintegration straffälliger Menschen - Reformmodelle in den EU-Staaten -

Bremer Institut für Kriminalpolitik
Universität Bremen


The transnational conference "AUO VADIS III - New Ways for a Sustainable Reintegration of Offenders - Examples for Reform within Countries of the EU" has been organised by the Bremer Institute for Criminal Policy (BRIK) at the University of Bremen and took place on 9th and 10th May 2003 in Postdam. Nearly 200 scientists, people actually working in the field and gathered in order to discuss possibilities for the vocational reintegration of offenders. The talks and the following conversations, the intensive work within the workshops and the exchange of experiences through the discussion of examples for “good practice” shed light on many different aspects of the issue.
The present reader is a collection of all talks which have been held before the audience supplemented by a few responses and statements from the audience. Some articles bear still the marks of their original oral presentation while others have been reworked since then. Translations and papers from the workshops are to be found on the enclosed CD ROM. The variety of languages in which the papers have been written mirrors the ambition of the conference to offer a European forum for the issue of fostering the vocational reintegration of offenders.


Union Européenne

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2003 Anglais, Allemand

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Publications Livre


Communauté, Contrevenants, Drogue, Du travail, Éducation, Famille, Formation, Immigration, Juvénile, Prisons, Programmes, Réforme, Réhabilitation, Réintegration, Services

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Livre 3-88722-580-5

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