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Vendredi 23 Octobre 2020


Defence for Children International-Israel section


National, Israël

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ONG Israël1987


Droits, Enfant, Prévention, Protection


DCI-Israel’s mission is to promote and protect the rights of children in the State of Israel and under its jurisdiction, especially those from society’s most vulnerable groups, and to protect them in times of violent regional conflict.
DCI-Israel aims to accomplish this by advocating for free and adequate legal counseling and representation for minors in civil matters, by running pilot projects to train lawyers to represent children in civil cases, and by promoting the establishment of legal counseling centers for minors.
DCI-Israel will also intervene on behalf of children directly affected by the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and will monitor the situation of Palestinian and Israeli minors in Israeli jails, prisons and closed institutions.

Information d'intérêt

DCI Israel was founded in November 1987 at the initiative of Dr.Philip Veerman by a group of Arab and Jewish educators,psychologists, lawyers and social workers to promote and protect the rights of the child of children in Israel and under the effective control of the State of Israel in the occupied territories. The International Association for Children's Rights (AVI) as the Hebrew name of this NGO reads,became the Israeli Section of DCI (Defence for Children International) an International NGO for the rights of the child,headquartered in Geneva,Switzerland.

Données de contact

2 Yzhak Elhanan Street, PO Box 802, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israël
Téléphone:972-2-5633-003 - Fax: 972-2-5631-241


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