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Lundi 01 Juin 2020


Juvenile Detention Centers and Alternative Programs


Amerique du Nord, États-Unis

TypePays d'origineConstitution

Corporation États-Unis2007


Aide, Centres, Justice, Juvénile


The purposes and activities of the Corporation are as follows:

(a) To recommend and promote juvenile justice facility and alternative program policies and standards.

(b) To educate and communicate information on juvenile justice facility and alternative program policy and practice to professionals in the field.

(c) To conduct and promote related research, training and education.

(d) To educate and inform the public, administrative, legislative and regulatory bodies, decision makers, and the media about juvenile justice facility and alternative services.

(e) To effect the achievement of favorable state and federal legislation, programs and policies impacting the youth served through the operations of member agencies.

(e) To do all things which may be necessary, appropriate or convenient to the achievement of the foregoing purposes and which may lawfully be done by a nonprofit corporation under and pursuant to the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and which are not otherwise prohibited by its Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws.


Information d'intérêt

The Juvenile Detention Centers and Alternative Programs is a professional organization dedicated to supporting its members by: promoting sound policies, advancing best practice standards, and maintaining a continuous learning environment within the juvenile justice system.

The Corporation was incorporated under the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1972. The affairs of the Corporation are governed by the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988, as amended. It does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit, incidental or otherwise and is being operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.



Données de contact

PO Box 60769 Harrisburg, PA 17106, États-Unis


  • Observatoire International de Justice Juvénile (OIJJ). Fondation Belge d'utilité Publique

    Tous droits réservés

  • Siège: Rue Armand Campenhout, nº 72 bte 10. 1050. Bruxelles. Belgique.

    Téléphone: 00 32 262 988 90. Fax: 00 32 262 988 99.

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