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Youth Build



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YBI provides training, technical assistance and consultation to governments, bilateral and multilateral donor institutions, national and global companies, public and private sector employment systems, and  NGOs who wish to adapt the YouthBuild model for implementation in their local context. 

YBI establishes MOU and licensing agreements with each country's implementing partner. Licensed YBI country partners retain the model’s emphasis on building a caring community, and offering basic education. They provide market-relevant technical skills, preparation for self-employment and formal sector jobs, continuing technical and postsecondary education, community service, and leadership development, while adapting the model to respond to the needs and aspirations of local young people and their communities.

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This movement has been created by YouthBuild USA, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works in the United States as YouthBuild USA and in all other countries as YouthBuild International (YBI).

YouthBuild USA has built a robust network of 260 urban and rural YouthBuild programs in 46 states. They are sponsored and managed by local nonprofits, community colleges, and public agencies. Through YouthBuild International (YBI), YouthBuild has been replicated by NGOs, government agencies, international development institutions, and global companies in 15 countries, where the model has been adapted for implementation in rural and urban settings, located in developing countries, emerging economies, and industrialized nations.

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