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Dimanche 27 Septembre 2020


Youth Net and Counselling


Afrique, Malawi

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ONG Malawi1997


Développement, Droits de l'homme, Enfant, Mineurs, Santé, Social


YONECO Vision is a self-reliant HIV and AIDS free society that respects democratic values and principles. YONECO is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that is committed to empowering the youth, women and children; combating the spread of HIV infection; mitigating the impact of AIDS; promoting human rights and democracy and conducting research on youth, women and children development. YONECO objectives include:

-To promote positive youth, women and child development through counselling, life skills, leadership and entrepreneurship;

-To safeguard, promote and protect human rights with particular reference to the rights of youth, women and children;

-To conduct civic education on HIV/AIDS, human rights, gender, democracy, and good governance among the general population;

-To enhance youth, women and children participation in democratisation process and socio – economic development of the Nation;

-To provide social and economic support services for abused and victimised women and children at community level;

-To provide care and support to those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS including people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans;

-To provide networking and collaboration services locally and internationally on youth, women and children.

Information d'intérêt

Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) was established in September 1997 to respond to the needs and challenges affecting youth and children in Malawi. YONECO registered with the National Youth Council of Malawi (1996) Act in 1998, Trustees Incorporation (1962) Act in 1999 and NGO Board (2000) Act in 2003. In October 2000, YONECO started to work on issues of women as demand driven activity following the need to respond to the child rehabilitation. YONECO has since grown to one of the very strong local NGOs that respond to matters of youth, women and children.

Données de contact

Along Zomba - Lilongwe Road Next to Calvary Family Church P.O. Box 471, Zomba, Malawi
Téléphone:+265 1 526 199 - Fax: +265 1 525 674


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