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Vendredi 23 Octobre 2020


Department of Sociology Social Policy and Social Work studies: The University of Liverpool, England


National, Royaume-Uni

TypePays d'origineConstitution

Universités Royaume-Uni1905


Criminologie, Politiques publiques, Sociologie


As our title indicates we cover a wide span of the social sciences, embracing sociology, social policy, criminology and social work. Alongside this diversity, Departmental staff also have much in common, believing in the importance and relevance of the social sciences for comprehending and acting in a world that is constantly posing new challenges and facing old problems. This is well reflected in the Department's research interests which range from child labour to child abuse; global labour markets to gendered labour; youth and leisure to older people and community care; corporate crime to drug misuse; poverty and social exclusion to sexualities.

Information d'intérêt

The Department is one of nine departments within the Faculty of Social and Environmental Studies (SES). The Department is located in the Eleanor Rathbone Building, named after Eleanor Rathbone (1872-1946), Liverpool born social reformer, advocate for women's issues and Member of Parliament, who was instrumental in the introduction of Family Allowances.Main contact person: Dr. Barry Goldson

Données de contact

The University of Liverpool. Eleanor Rathbone Building. Bedford Street South., L69 7ZA, Liverpool, Liverpool, Royaume-Uni
Téléphone:440151794 2977 - Fax: 440151794 2977


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