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Mardi 25 Février 2020


FREDA Centre for Research on Violence against Women and Children


National, Canada

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Instituts universitaires Canada1992


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The FREDA Centre conducts qualitative collaborative research using a participatory action based approach. The Centre works with community groups, frontline service providers, and policy-makers to produce research that is relevant and useable. Current research projects cover a wide variety of issues and examine the issue of violence from a systemic (i.e., societal) and interpersonal perspective. Research reports produced by the FREDA Centre are diverse and include an analysis of the sexual exploitation and trafficking of young women; violence against marginalized girls; a parenting guide for single mothers of children who have witnessed violence; the links between violence and eating disorders; trends concerning violence against women; an analysis of the Violence Against Women in Relationships (VAWIR) Policy; and the implications of records disclosure legislation.

Information d'intérêt

FREDA is one of five violence research centres across the country that were established in 1992 through a five year grant from Health Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Since its inception, the Centre's mandate has been to facilitate and conduct research on violence against women and children, in order to raise awareness and effect policy.

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SFU Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings Street, V6B 5K3, Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada
Téléphone:604 2915197


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