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Wednesday 20th of September 2017


The prevention of juvenile radicalisation
Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims
Strengthening Juvenile Justice Systems in the counter-terrorism context
Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe: Training for Professionals
AWAY. Alternative Ways to Address Youth
Advancing Defence Rights for Children
Child-Friendly JT
FACT FOR MINORS. Fostering Alternative Care for Troubled Minors
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Marco de Milato is the CEFA (European Committee for Agricultural Training) Regional Coordinator in Kenya and Somalia. He holds a Master degree in International Relations from the University of Genoa, Italy. He has certificates on various development topics in the realms of international cooperation, project writing, Monitoring and Evaluation,...



The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is a Belgian Foundation of Public Interest based in Brussels. Since 2002, the IJJO has worked for the rights of children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion, especially those in conflict with the law or caught in the cycles of violence and juvenile delinquency. The main objective of the Observatory is to advocate for juvenile justice that is fair and without borders.

Established in order to create a space for development, service provision and shared knowledge, the IJJO promotes and encourages the improvement of juvenile justice systems and policies, the implementation of international standards, the strengthening of professional competence in the field, and the exchange of innovative good practices Read more...

What we do

The IJJO launches the website for the Latin American Council for Juvenile Justice
The newly launched website of the Latin American Council for Juvenile Justice (LCJJ) will be the primary communication channel to keep up to date with the Council’s activities, obtain information on its structure and will be a platform for collaboration among its members....
‘Child-Friendly JT’ project: First steering group meeting held in Brussels
The first steering group meeting of the project ‘Child-Friendly JT - The right of minors to information, translation and interpretation in criminal proceedings: Development of child-friendly tools’ took place on the 25th and the 26th of July 2017 at the IJJO’s...
High level conference on migration management held at the European Parliament
Members of the IJJO attended the high level conference on migration management at the European Parliament on the 21st of June (watch the video of the conference opening and introduction here). The conference addressed the responsibility among member states to ensure a...

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