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Implementing Restorative Justice with Children
Strengthening Juvenile Justice Systems in the counter-terrorism context
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Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims
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Kuldeep Singh worked as a member of the Juvenile Justice Board with the Government of Haryana (India) from June 2011 to December 2016. He worked efficiently to ensure the rehabilitation, speedy trials and legal rights of juveniles in conflict with the law, and to implement the Juvenile Justice Act at judiciary and police levels in his district and...



The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is a Belgian Foundation of Public Interest based in Brussels. Since 2002, the IJJO has worked for the rights of children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion, especially those in conflict with the law or caught in the cycles of violence and juvenile delinquency. The main objective of the Observatory is to advocate for juvenile justice that is fair and without borders.

Established in order to create a space for development, service provision and shared knowledge, the IJJO promotes and encourages the improvement of juvenile justice systems and policies, the implementation of international standards, the strengthening of professional competence in the field, and the exchange of innovative good practices Read more...

What we do

Resources from IJJO's latest projects: terrorism-related offences, restorative justice, diversion, legal defence
Here are some highlighted products from our latest research projects: ‘Strengthening juvenile justice systems in the counter-terrorism context’, ‘Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims’, ‘AWAY - Alternative Ways to Address Youth...
Final conference of the 'Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims' project
On the 7th of December 2018, a final conference was held for the IJJO led project `Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims´ on the KU Leuven Campus in Brussels (Belgium). During the conference, partners presented the results of the project as well as its...
Final conference of the project 'Strengthening juvenile justice systems in the counter-terrorism context’ held in Brussels
The final conference of the IJJO led project ‘Strengthening Juvenile Justice Systems in the counter-terrorism context: Capacity-building and peer-learning among stakeholders’ took place on the 29th of November at the Kartuizercenter Auditorium in Brussels (Belgium)....

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