The IJJO presents its new website

El OIJJ presenta su nueva web

The IJJO is beginning a new phase in its work, distinguished mainly by its encouragement of participation, agility, flexibility and optimisation of resources, but with the same objective of working to promote the rights of children and young people who come into contact with justice systems, and contributing to the implementation of the international standards which guarantee these rights.

This has led us to renovate our website with a new design and a new version of the content management system with improved functionalities in navigation and security.

The biggest functional change is that the web users no longer need to register to access some of the resources on the website. All of them are now freely accessible. Equally, the website has been adapted to suit navigation on mobile devices as well.This change is rooted in one of the two principles which have guided the restructuring of the website: simplification, with the goal of making the user experience easier.

The other principle is openness. The IJJO presents itself as a system that is open to dialogue and contributions of those professionals, students, and organisations wanting to contribute their knowledge, cooperation initiatives, and examples of good policies and practices, as well as share information about publications, events, etc., which the IJJO will help disseminate through its website, social media, and newsletter. We offer the 'Get Involved' section for this purpose.

Given that a considerable amount of work in programming and data transference has been required for the website, you may find that there is a section still in development or showing an error for the user in these first weeks. Please help us by letting us know of any issues at this email, so we can fix it as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy the user experience in the new version of the website.