AWAY - Alternative Ways to Address Youth Online Course

Online Course

This course is currently open in English and French versions.

The purpose of the online course “Alternative Ways to Address Youth (AWAY)” is to help child protection professionals channel juvenile offenders away from judicial proceedings in the juvenile justice systems. This course will give an overview of the alternative methods and give professionals the tools to use them in future cases.

This course is an output of the AWAY project, which has been implemented between 2017-2018 by 7 organisations in the European Union: Brave Phone (Croatia), Defence for Children International (Belgium), International Juvenile Justice Observatory (Belgium), Program for the Development of the Judicial System (Bulgaria), Terre des Hommes Helvetia (Romania) and The Global Network for Public Interest Law (PILNET) (Hungary) under the coordination of Terre des Hommes Regional Office for CEE (project lead) (Hungary). The project is funded by the REC Programme of the European Commission.

This online course gathers the knowledge and findings accumulated over two years by the project’s partner organisations, and presents them in four main lessons.

The contents of the course

  1. Introduction to Diversion
  2. Psychology and Juvenile Justice
  3. How to Use Diversion
  4. Talking to Juveniles about Diversion.




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