C.L.E.A.R. Children’s Legal Education - Adapted Resources Toolkit


This Toolkit is designed for facilitators. It provides a range of ‘tools’ to enable teenagers to interact with and understand the rights they have in society. It is written in a way that supports both professionals who work with teenagers and the young people who want to be peer educators. Whilst the objective is to present the relationship between rights and laws as simply as possible, the concepts remain complex. With a little adaptation, the activities in this Toolkit are suitable for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18.

The goal is not to ask teenagers to memorise a list of laws, but rather to teach them how to think about their rights and the law. The focus is on active participation of teenagers, not simply providing information.

The approach taken with this Toolkit means that it is particularly suitable for ‘non-formal’ education environments. It can also be applied to more formal situations such as the court and justice settings where professionals might benefit from access to materials that are ‘child friendly’.

There are of course many more topics on the subject of children’s rights and the law. The CLEAR project partners would be very interested to hear about the adaptations facilitators make. Please share your experiences or send your suggestions to us at info@clearproject.eu

If you find the resources in this Toolkit helpful, please print or photo-copy them and use them. If you know of other people who you think may benefit, please pass it on with our regards.

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Adolescentes, sus derechos y la ley. Una guía para facilitadores.




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