Net for U The Manual

The Manual

The Net for U Practitioner’s Manual is a practical guide for practitioners who work with unaccompanied minors in Europe. The Manual focuses on helping practitioners work with minors in regards to two key aspects: needs assessment and family contact. As such it provides practitioners with indications, guidelines and tools to guide them in the needs assessment process while building upon more traditional notions of family tracing and enhancing their capacity to make the most of the minor’s family ties while supporting his/her emotional needs. Consequently, the Manual incorporates a strong focus on the role and involvement (past, current and potential) of the minor’s family in order to support the minor in the present and help ensure the development and implementation of a plan to help support the transition into adulthood. In addition to the practical guidelines and tools provided, the Manual serves as a means for increasing practitioner awareness and hence enhance their capacity to best identify, support and meet the minor’s needs, taking into consideration the complexity of the phenomena and the variation in challenges faced by different EU countries.



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