2022 Global Youth Justice Leadership Conference


75% of Registration Slots are For ADULTS in Administrative, Program, Partner, Volunteer, Funding, Policy, Elected, Public, Supervsior, Support Services, Referrals and Related Roles in Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice diversion programs called Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court, Youth Peer Court, Youth Justice, and Peer Jury in 47 USA States, 35+ Tribes, DC, and 12 Countries.

25% of Registration Slots are for other Adults interested in these rapidly expanding Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice Diversion Programs operated by 15+ Different Agencies, Organizations, Institutions, Education Settings, and others to include public and private.

In the past 25 years, these uniquely American Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice diversion programs have expanded from less than 100 in America, to now more than 2,050+ in 47 USA States, 35+ Tribes, DC, and 12 Countries. They are a textbook example of a local grassroots movement, that continues expanding locally in America, and around the Globe.

The 2022 Global Youth Justice Leadership Conference will offer participants 20+ Adult Peer-to-Peer Learning Sessions, Genderal Sessions, Panels, and Timely Information on Resources, Grants, High Profile Public Opportunities Limited to our Network, and More. Learn about accessing resources on a state level, as a result of national efforts currently available, upcoming, and those typically not though to be possible.

Participants will hear about current and short-term future opportunities only available to these Youth-Led Diversion Programs, and how they can raise the profile of these programs, the agencies, and organizations adminsitering them, and themselves, so they are empowered to do even more.

Participants will learn tactical strategies to apply to programmatic and administrative areas, for improved operation of these diversion programs, as well as the adverse impact of not following the Rule of Law Model, and the benefits of using the Rule of Law Model.

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